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I have a few motorcycle travel e-books I have been reading lately when flying and have become bogged down in about four of them.

However Waypoints by Bud Miller I breezed through on my recent travels to Vietnam. Mostly because it’s not a very big volume, but also as it is easy to read short stories most riders can relate to.

I picked it up figuratively speaking without seeing any reviews because I was familiar with the Road Runner magazine having read some of their articles and guessed this would be decent.

The introduction ‘Motorcycles are Dangerous’ is excellent but otherwise the stories did not particularly speak to me but did not disappoint either. It was just few dollars on Kindle so impossible not to recommend adding this to your library to help pass a couple of hours next time you are in transit.


  1. Hay Warren,
    Isn’t it time you wrote a book of your travels around Japan?
    You could break it down with chapters on each leg, photos, things to see, eat, drink and do, route maps etc
    I’d buy one!

  2. Haven’t read this book, but may need to check it out. A book I would recommend is a lot bigger and full of great photos. France in American by Gary France is a chronicle of Gary’s travels across the USA. He rode over 21,000 miles and saw a great deal of America. It is an awesome coffee table book with great photos and great prose. Gary is a talented writer.

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