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I always try to have a few books to read when I do one of my motorcycle tours. Being a cheap charlie I’m usually on LCC flights with no entertainment system, but even on regular airlines I can scroll through all the movies and not find anything I would watch. But I prefer reading anyway and a book is great way to pass time in immigration and check in queues.

On my recent Turkey trip I was reading the follow up to Motorcycle Messengers. The original book in this series was an excellent collection of short stories from writers who ride. A sample bag of sorts which introduced me to a couple of authors I have since enjoyed reading further.

Motorcycle Messengers 2 follows the same format, a collection of short stories from riders, bloggers and writers. I enjoyed the foreword by Charley Boorman, it’s quite inspiring. And I also liked the stories from Jeremy Kroeker and Ted Simons. A couple of stories on places I am considering visiting further reinforced the positive or negatives I had already been told. Like Patagonia might be scenic but has crosswinds so strong they will literally blow you off the road. It’s not a bad collection, not as strong as the original but you might find some of the other stories speak to you more than they did to me. Great way to pass some time if travelling.

You can get this from Amazon for Kindle. I only read things on phone now. I’m surprised to find some writers still don’t release ebooks. Undeniably not as nice however the era of printed books and magazines is over in my opinion.

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