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2018 has to be one of the best years of my life. I can hardly comprehend all the riding I did this year. January seems long ago.

As we age years pass in the blink of an eye, I did not know it was possible still to slow time down. All those new places made me live in the now.

Been missing my old job, the sense of purpose. I miss the money too ha-ha. But to choose being rich with the luxury car or eating cup noodles and travelling the world – hand me the chopsticks.  I miss the camaraderie most. About this time of year would be the Christmas party to celebrate another year passed on our race to retirement.

Crazy because it’s a slippery slope for men’s health from 65 and beyond 70 every year is a bonus. My very close friend I often mention on this blog just told me he has cancer. Which has spread. I can barely believe. I was thinking I would return to Australia in 2019, look for a regular job, return to society. Now I am unsure.

My last two posts here in the blogX2 were more nonsensical than my usual dribble. I deleted both.
Patagonia. I was going but I cancelled couple months out. As I alluded to before it is expensive and challenging not to mention involves 50 hours of flying. The motorcycle is my preferred way to see the world but a good portion of overland riders I have asked said in South America Patagonia was their least  favourite place with ferocious cross winds that made riding miserable. I need a better plan to ensure it is worth the journey.

Until then never mind there is so much water so close to home.

Seasons Greetings.


  1. Never say never Warren.
    Sometimes, someone getting a shit sandwich snaps us out of our individual stupor. I really hope your mate has a good outcome and you can get on with doing what matters to you as well. At times it pays not to overthink things.
    P.S. Paul Kelly’s version of that song has always troubled me…..

    • Thanks Dave, did not mean this post to sound negative, if there were awards for over thinking I'd be an Olympic contender for sure and I just try to write some of that here to get it out of my head.

      Your right to wonder about the song, the author of the story never makes it clear if the men who found her body were involved in her murder.

  2. You've had an ball tearer of a year for riding motorcycles Warren. I'm glad you have almost fulfilled your bucket list, something I'd like to do one day but will only happen if I win lotto.

    Best wishes to your friend, I hope it turns out well for him in the face of worrying times ahead.

    • Thanks Steve, never say never. Most Australian home owners are already wealthy if they can leave the debt cycle. All I did basically was downsize early not wait for retirement when I think it is too late.

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