Continuing my ride on the island of Flores, from Riung I cross a series of mountains as I travel south. I was expecting the road to be ok as this route was suggested to me however that is not the case. The road is about 40% acceptable tar and 60% very poor surface. However it is scenic and a pleasant day so no complaints.


Once back to Bajawa I returned to the southern route I rode over from Labuan Bajo on and back to the superb corners and good hotmix surface. It is a fantastic descent from here to the coast, 100’s of corners and great views. Whilst riding along this path down to a church caught my eye so I decided to turn back and take a look. I rode down and found this nice view at the rear so sat there awhile with my favourite type of lunch break a picnic, however in this case best I could arrange was a couple of bread rolls and a guava juice. Simple is ok for me, I felt at ease here.


You might be able to make out the mountains in the distance and that is where I was staying tonight. Another fantastic set of curves to get there which I just managed to finish before an afternoon rain storm. Perfect timing!


I stayed in a total dump last night with only cold shower and bare bed, no choice, but Ruteng is a large town with good hotels so am in comfort with a nice restaurant. I have marked the bad road in blue. There are a number of mountain villages with traditional houses still in use. I set off in the morning to visit one. The road was being repaired and just as well, the final section of road was the worst I have encountered here so far. Sorry no photos of that bit came out but like riding over a bed of those large stones on right of photo.


Todo village however was nice view. I enjoyed a nice ride back to Labuan Bajo with a series of friendly encounters. Stopped for lunch and the restaurant owner runs off an brings back a menu with Google translated to English for me. Quite a few trucks loaded with people, these guys were offering me a beer. And all the roof riders saying hello too.


The temperature soars as I drop down towards Labuan Bajo so I stop to keep my fluids up and as before soon as I say hello people want to talk and take selfies. The people of Flores are far and away the friendliest I have met in the world. What a great experience riding here was. If you are interested to ride here then I suggest you plan to come sooner rather than later.


The main southern road is in good condition for the most part but where it is damaged there is no repairs so in a few years it may not be the great surface it is now. Also as more tourists arrive seeing them won’t be a novelty for locals as it is now so come ride here soon to have the movie star treatment. Sorry no photos of the lizards, fate decided I wasn’t going on any boat cruise as I got food poisoning at the end of the trip which while unfortunate at least it did not happen during the ride.

Hopefully I have some wi-fi soon to post this. As always, thanks for reading.

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