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I have completed 100,000km touring Japan by motorcycle. I made this map initially just so I knew which roads I had explored because it got confusing with the extraordinary density of roads in this country.

It was never intended to be a guide for others but I decided to share it because information about riding in Japan for foreigners is limited and besides now I have seen more of this country then most people so this map actually has some good info.

If you open the map on to a new tab/page (use the brackets icon top right of map) then you can see the map legend and easy pan and zoom. Clicking on roads will usually give some description. Hotels are not positioned precisely and are just my own records of where I stayed previously.

As you can see there are good roads everywhere in Japan as you might expect in a land of mountains as well there are superb viewpoints everywhere.


If you are wondering where to ride first then anywhere away from big cities is enjoyable. Shikoku and the inland sea and Kyushu are my favourites but there are fabulous roads everywhere else. Hokkaido despite the marketing hype offers less twisty roads being flat farm land but Tohoku is spectacular so a ride north is as good as going south.

I have written much more detail about how and when to ride Japan in my Guide to Motorcycle touring Japan that tries to cover everything you need to know.


  1. Hey thank you so much !!

  2. Thank you a lot from this great map.
    I just finished one week long motorcycle trip in middle Japan. I partly used this guide to plan my route and I cannot thank you enough from the all great tips and routes that you have marked in here. I would have probably missed many great routes if not thanks to this guide!!!

  3. Jon Stevens

    I’m shocked with the news Warren, stay strong in mind and body and I agree with you that you will be riding bikes in future for sure. Determination to succeed is in your nature I know that.

  4. Hi Warren,
    Really appreciate your effort and dedication. A really wonderful act.
    I have been a serious follower of the routes you have highlighted. and tried many.
    Really enjoy the local roads you have selected.
    Thanks again.

    • Thanks Raghu, appreciate your feedback.
      Unfortunately no updates to my map in 2022 as I am unable to ride this year due to medical situation.
      Sure hope I will be able to ride more of Japan again in the future.

  5. thanks for all that!!!
    I want to make a trip to Japan and travel by motorcycle maybe…. not sure because have no idea. I ride here in the Usa.
    I also want to bring my painting equipment. Im an artist. Can you buy a motorcycle in Japan to travel ?

    • Hi Clark,

      You will need a residential address to buy a motorcycle in Japan, or register and insure it in a friends name perhaps.
      You can certainly bring your painting equipment and obtain a rental bike with luggage as an alterative to buying.

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