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I currently have in the cupboard a variety of unsuitable riding boots. One pair are simple walking boots/shoes with little protection and which I have already stopped using. Another pair are also short height boots/shoes from Alpinestars that after a days riding bite into my arch no matter what I do with them. The final pair are mid height waterproof items from Joe Rocket. Purchased for my Euro tour these fit yet are awkwardly sized where your big toe sits and can apply pressure that becomes very uncomfortable by days end.

So the short story is the money saved from not riding much lately due to constant rain (grr) has been spent on these new boots!


I have had the Vitesse boots site bookmarked for a couple of years with the intention of one day getting a pair. Whilst they have regular style black boots I always admired their retro brown lace ups which is what I now have. Vitesse boots are made in France and the design and build quality is superb, no quality control issues causing sizing anomalies here unlike the other three I have all from China.

The traditional lace up boot allows me to adjust them to suit and be comfortable. The boots really are easy to walk around in and I plan to tour wearing these off the bike under a pair of jeans and have them not look like biker boots so I only need pack a pair of thongs (because an Aussie should always have)


It is raining here most every day with forecasts for it to continue for the next month so unlikely to have any ride reports in the near future. Wettest weather I can recall.

Update one.  I have had these boots for a long time now and they have turned out to be very good. I think if you like this traditional sort of look then they age very well and look just as good after some wear and tear.

Issues I had had are the inner hard rubber side plate as seen above can at times seem to apply pressure to my right foot. I think this is just my odd size feet as no logical reason for it to happen.

Update two. I no longer ride a classic style bike and live now in Japan where it is colder and so much wetter so a pair of Goretex black boots is more suitable but I still have these and in summer take then out for a ride day, I think they will last me for life really.

Vitesse is gone so you cannot buy these beautiful boots anymore.


  1. I have this very same pair, and I can't recommend them highly enough. Great style and proper protection too.

  2. Those are some sweet looking boots IC….very nice!

  3. They are some awesome looking boots IC….very nice

  4. Thanks guys, maybe I should have bought gumboots with all this rain. Well it can't rain forever so at some point I will get out to road test these.

  5. Maybe convert the CB to power a boat – Top Gear in Vietnam style?
    What's painful is that today is monday and after a weekend of rain, it's fine on the week day. It's a cruel joke.
    But, those boots look wonderful. I might have to look into a set – I'm planning a motorcycle tour of New Zealand's North Island next year and will be needing a safe pair of 'all purpose' footware for the trip.

  6. They do look nice, although I imagine they would take a while to get on and off.

    I think you forgot the link, IC 🙂 This one? http://www.vitessemoto.com/boots/hunt.php

  7. Yep thats them Rob.
    I am staring out the window at a beautiful sunny day for riding, unfortunately I am at work…

  8. I was tempted to call in sick today, I must confess. The weekdays have been exceptionally cruel.

  9. Rob they do take longer than zip or velcro to put on or off. You need to pull firm each wrung of lace working your way up from lower then tie off and reverse to remove. Still if it adds an extra minute then I'm fine with that. Takes me longer to decide what motorcycle themed t-shirt I will wear for that day's ride 🙂

  10. We both should have dived NotHis, rain now forecast for all four days this long weekend 🙁

  11. I'm trying to stay positive about it all. Every year, around this time, idiots – people that drive drunk, tired, drugged, or just recklessly – tend to come out of the wood work. The rain is keeping me safe because I'll be spending less time on the road.
    Though one beautiful day isn't too much to ask, is it?
    Still… I am waiting for your next blog (about your CB, no doubt) as, I'm sure, you're waiting to have a reason to post about it.
    Oh, and call me Real.

  12. Real, I usually do not ride much at this time of year either due to increase in accidents however if I get a fine day I will go somewhere as so far the CB has not turned a wheel.

    At least it has been not too hot last few days.

    Too much down time due to rain has me net surfing mods for the CB before I have even ridden it.

  13. Haha, this post on boots has Google Ad showing Ugg boots for sale. Thats computer logic.

  14. Hey IC,

    They certainly are beautiful boots. But how did you go with size? I am a 43 most of the time, but have wide feet. Always paranoid about ordering from afar.



  15. Shoot them an email, they were excellent to deal with and I would be surprised if they could not sort you out a solution.

  16. hi is thier a website for online purchase

  17. There used to be Amy, see the comments above it is listed there, however I have not seen this company products mentioned for some time now so they may have closed.

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