I have been having a terrible time with my MV Agusta’s ride quality and tried to make it more comfortable via suspension but only got so far and then was going to get the seat re padded but it is so narrow until I remembered reading about these and thought I would give them a try.

These things really are seriously comfortable!

To start with there are many sizes but I had to go for the smallest actually listed as a pillion seat cushion as all the others were too big for the tiny MV seat.

To inflate you simply unzip the side and unscrew the valve and inflate so that you have something that wont bottom out when you sit on it bit also not over inflated either which lowers it’s effectiveness.

Install on the MV is awkward … it doesnt fit really either way I lay it on due to the shape of the bikes seat. I elected to sit it across the seat (ie sideways) as length ways it seems too narrow – but I may try that way next.

Once rolling you can feel it absorbing the bumps. You float on top of the cushion of air and I can see how people could do very long rides with the larger versions of these on a tourer or cruiser in total comfort.

The only thing I didn’t like first ride was how you do move around a little bit. Imagine sitting on some firm jello – thats the feeling but the jello moves backwards under acceleration which is bit off putting.

Update – now much better – worked out I had the pad over inflated, have it now 1/2 inflated and it doesn’t move about like jello anymore and also have placed the cushion as far forward as possible which makes it fit well. Now 100% happy.

Update #2 – I can ride all day without any numb bum and have no lower back issues that I always experienced when in a saddle for a long day. I have had Corbin seats before and they are better than factory however the air hawk is significantly more comfortable again. They now come in more shapes and sizes too so you can get one that is shaped closer to your bikes seat shape than this simple square one I have.

I have completed a 7000km tour on the MV in comfort with the Airhawk. Compare that to when I first got the  bike I was in discomfort after 100km. While it does not blend into the the bike I am quite happy using this whilst I have the Brutale.


Still using the same Airhawk, have done plenty of miles since interstate, 700km day rides and rain or sun it shows little sign of wear so far. I now have it on my 2009 Buell XB12r and it fits that well. I agree with the comments to try less air, you can get away with perhaps 1/3 inflated if your seat is flat enough, like the Buells. On the MV Agusta I needed to keep about half inflated due to narrow shape.

There are new models out from when I first purchased mine and I would look at the smaller of the regular models as an alternative to mine depending on the size of your bike seat (and bum) They have a dual purpose shape one now too which would be great on an adventure bike.

Had a few comments about “you sit on that?!” or “Wouldn’t have anything on my seat” or “looks stupid” – You know what is stupid? the same guys not riding often or very far because they are more concerned about image.

Even my old square one above you can see is not overly noticeable. It certainly does not spoil the lines of your bike. My fabric is getting a bit faded. I could remove the cover and die it in some fabric die for a couple of dollars but honestly I am not that concerned.

Update 4. I was using the Airhawk on my CB1100 from 2011 to 2013 as despite having a wide seat it was hard as a rock. I could have gone with a larger one for that bike but this one is still in working order so why spend more. See it below.

Final update – my Airhawk is still working but I don’t use it on my current ride a FJR1300 as the seat is really superb but I take the Airhawk with me when renting bikes overseas sometimes. You know those road-trail bikes with seats about as wide as a piece of wood and as soft as the same? Well take your Airhawk and curl it around those narrow seats and be amazed at the change in comfort. Very similar problem to my original MV Agusta seat which was narrow and hard.

Of all the things I have purchased for riding I cannot think of too many that has been better value than this item over the time I have owned it.


  1. just ordered one myself for the stupid race seat fairing on my R1.
    I’ll post up how it performs after this weekends 600mile + trip


  2. can you recommend a store where we can find the items you just reviewed

  3. Try even less air in than that.

    So your butt is about 6mm above the seat, so that it just clears the seat. It’s even better, it doesn’t alter the riding position so much amd no rollie-pollie effect either.


  4. I think I'm going to have to try one of these. I've entered for a 1600 km in 24 hours ride on my Street Triple and I'm starting to get sore after 700 km in a day. Must check out NZ suppliers.

  5. Thats a BIG ride – you are going to need one.

  6. I tried this seat for a week on my bike trip. Results…save your money. I did not find that it worked well. My butt still hurts after a day of riding, in the same places. I have tried letting air out, putting air in. I feel that I have wasted $125.

  7. Thats a shame anon. Probably the single best thing motorcycle related I have ever purchased.

  8. Have just ordered one – the same one as you use as the Triple has a similar seat to the Brutale. For some reason, Amazon wouldn't ship this product to NZ (never had that problem before, but Dennis Kirk was a touch cheaper so that's ok. Looking forward to receiving one and trying it out. Thanks again for the review!


  9. Ive have had one for few months now. It works great,just needs some experimentation with air pressure.
    I dont inflate it,I force some air out with my hand then close the valve.
    I can go about twice the distance now

  10. I did the 1000 mile in 24 hours Grand Challenge ride in October without any pain at all – fantastic product! (http://geoffjames.net/2010/10/1000-miles-in-21-14-hours-on-street.html)

  11. Wow thats a huge ride!

    Just a reminder to anyone who buys one to set it so it spreads your bum evenly across the cushion a tiny bit above the seat. If you have the small hawk set length ways on seat then unless you have very small bum then your likely to get little benefit from it.

    Other thing to note is if you have a sports bike with suspension set too firm them you need to first set that to a more comfortable level as that is only way to stop a overly stiff rear shock pounding you.

  12. What about the change in riding position? I find even the tiny change a sheepskin causes bugs the hell out of me. I do sort of get used to it, but am always happier after removing the sheepskin.

  13. Yes a change can be good especially if you have a sports bike. I raised the bars on my Buell and fitted lower foot pegs and this was a great improvement in comfort.

    However if your seat is thin and hard and you do not think this would work for you then all I could suggest is get it reupholstered.

    I have tried sheepskin covers and they do stuff all in comparison to an airhawk.

  14. Looking for something like this for trip from the Isle of Man (UK) to Mugello motogp in july. Like the sound of this product but its the expense in UK that puts me off £189 incl shipping (US$289) 🙁

    Any where in the US that would ship to UK?

  15. Try Amazon and if they do not ship there then another way is ship via a USA freight forwarder. Links to both are on my blog.

  16. I have had a similar pad for a couple of years. I think it is excellent. The first 2 I had were nylon construction and were replaced due to holes developing where the nylon was fused together – I paid the extra to upgrade to the rubber version and have had no problems in about 20,000km. I have ridden over 900km days on my BMW 650 GS twin which has a rather narrow seat that gets uncomfortable pretty quickly especially with the low seat version that I originally had. There is a tendency to over inflate it which I am sure everyone does when they first get it – it works best if it is underinflated.


    • Hey Chris,
      I also have a BMW F650GS twin, how'd you go with your sizing? I was looking at a medium cruiser size? I did a 500km ride on the stock seat n thought stuff this I need a new seat but these look like a good option.
      Many Thanks,

  17. I am still using my original one. The CB1100 seat is your usual thin and firm item that offers little in the way of support or cushioning. There is a thick/higher seat option available for it in Japan so I will order one of them sometime but they cost about $600 so meanwhile I am doing fine with the airhawk. Still the best motorcycle accessory I have ever purchased.

  18. Low butts, and those who sit back or bolt upright, seem to get a centered ache since the coccyx, what's left of our discarded tail grinds into the seat. The nerve pain some riders encounter down the back of the left leg, is the result of coccyx-supported posture. The pressure is transferred to the lowermost vertebrae which, in turn, pinches the sciatic nerve.

  19. Update, I have not used it last four years, no need on the FJR which even standard seat is all day comfortable. However I checked and it still is in good order so if I can afford to change bikes in future it will be to small road trail and will be reaching for it again then.

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