The is a road called Booroobin Rd which then becomes Maleny-Stanley River Rd and bikers used to call it the hidden road, but anyway it is the popular route to Maleny after Woodford and was my favourite of all the north side roads. I used to enjoy the way the road has the series of sweeping curves and rises and falls. Some riders swore the road via Peachester was better but I rarely rode that way.

I have removed the original post as it was too old, please see the map for location of this road. 


  1. A great bit of road but you do have to watch out for coppers. The locals do get a bit cranky as well with early morning noise… once had an old lady run out and throw a shoe at me on my return journey.

    Quite a few driveways too… so watch for farmers pulling out in front of you.

  2. Police action has really ramped up on the north and big problem is only one main route to get there of Dayboro to Maleny via Mt Mee – which makes me often wonder why the majority of Brisbane bikers all too often only ride up there or Mt Glorious?

    I ride the south 90% of my riding despite living much closer to the northern roads.

  3. Anonymous

    Police presence on the Booroobin Rd is intense to say the least. For the last few weeks they have trialing a new speed detection devise which is basically 2 small laser units attached to the back of the reflector poles meaning you can't see them plus some bastard has been throwing nails and screws on the road. While it is a great ride (only 10mins from my house) I avoid it all costs and would seriously recommend anyone who likes having air in their tires and points on their license do the same

    • With the recent popularity of retro bikes spoke wheels have come back into vogue which use tubes. A puncture on these bikes can be a blow out and be very dangerous (which is why all vehicles moved to tubeless tyres). The person putting items on the road could cause serious injury or death. Most likely to older riders who like these bikes and maybe go for slow ride with partner to have lunch. I wonder how this idiot would feel if his actions caused the death of some innocent rider or passenger. I can only hope the police find this person soon.

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