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    Another of my favourite rides. This used to be quite rough on the QLD side of the border but amazing hotmix on the NSW side. Once resurfaced it became a popular ride to Woodenbong not least from myself telling anyone who would listen to try it instead of the Lions road.

    I liked best the views on a fine winters morning of Mt Barney then the sweepers on the southern side. Look forward to revisiting here one day.

    You can locate this road on the map, expand to see the list.

    These ‘good road’ posts were published 2006-2008. At some point the original images and descriptions became out of date and I moved overseas. I archived them here to update when I ride Australia again. This collection is just my own personal riding records, not a definitive list.


    1. This road is one of my favourite rides and is worth riding the boring section between Beaudesert and Rathdowney. The transformation in the road surface after the border is amazing. The Qld government really is sloppy in it’s attitudes to roads given the money they are awash in.
      The view of the spectacular Mt Lindsay from various angles as you travl through are fantastic and the call of the Bellbirds after the border crossing make for a memorable journey.

    2. Yep I agree, the more I ride this and Summerland way the more I like it!

      There is some amazing views nearby too. The Mt Barney view road has just that and another rock formation view that is excellent. Also ride on to Urbenville past Woodenbong and then go up to the Toolum forest and return for excellent views over another rock formation.

    3. Hey Chef, Just thought I’d drop yuo a line after stumbling across your blog on Mt Lindesay/Summerland Way etc. I recently attended a conference in Brisbane and combined business with pleasure and rode up instead of flying up.( I live on the Central Coast, NSW) We (a mate and I) came up via Thunderbolt’s, Waterfall Way, Summerland Way and after viewing your blog included Mt Lindesay. Glad I did! Great scenery, great road (on one side of the border, anyway, but still worth it) and the only way to go to a conference! Over 1780 kms and part of it was thanks to your informative blog, well done! We went home via the New England until Thunderbolts, Dungog, Maitland and home. Keep up the good work!

    4. That’s a great set of roads Rod, If you do similar in future consider going back via Numinbah valley, Uki, Kyogle which is another great ride.

    5. Hey Iron Chef, how long does it take to get to Woodenbong from Brisbane? Google Maps reckons 2hrs15mins but that seems a bit long to me for only 140-odd km. Is there anything there once you get there?

      Congratulations on the site too. It’s a great resource for Brisbane riders. Keep up the good work.

    6. Hi Gary,

      I would estimate two hours for the trip – you slow once arriving at Greenbank then from there into the City can be slowish at times.

      Not much at Woodenbong, Pub and general store is about it really!

    7. I've run this way between Brisbane-Lismore quite a number of times, it really is magnificent.

      However, when in the area, don't be tempted by the Lions Road's interesting history and enticingly squiggly appearance. It's *awful*.

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