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    Or Yabba Dabba (Do) as said by Fred. Here is another side road I like on a small ride this morning.

    Riding between Canungra and Beaudesert there is a side road you can take via Biddaddaba. Google map doesnt show the through road but it does connect. From the east take the 2nd road on the left that mentions Biddaddaba (the first you will see is unsealed) then turn right to ride over and onto Tabragalba road which joins back onto the Beaudesert-Nerang road you left before.

    Its a handy shortcut. And being off the highway is always more enjoyable as you can enjoy a better pace without worry, enjoy a few corners rather than straight road and as always see some more of the countryside you are riding through.

    If you were to continue on this road (from the east) you will come to the Kerry road and then can ride in Beaudesert from there or on south via Darlington to Tamrookum or onto the start of the Lions Road.

    I should mention when you ride Darlington, after Hillview if you take first left then you end up on the old Lions rd, keep going and take 2nd left to go to Tamrookum of straight on to Christmas creek.

    No more photos today due to flat battery so I cut things short.

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