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I think that was a motorcycle slogan once. I know I have said it before in this blog somewhere but today the thought came to me anew not recycled from the past.

I was riding my old favourite loop into NSW via Mt Lindsey, Summerland way, Kyogle, Uki, Numinbah and was thinking what a great ride this is and I should call it, and todays post, old faithful. But that sounds like riding is not so special and that could not be further from the truth.

Any time you get on a motorcycle to go somewhere it is an event. Add a fine Sunday morning with clear skies and a series of scenic and fun roads and you have the ingredients for a soul invigorating day out.

So today I was grinning away under my helmet all morning just happy to be doing my thing. Riding my own pace, enjoying cool morning air, taking some side roads just to see what they revealed, stopping as long as I wanted to take photos with no timetable whatsoever. At one point I noted nearly every 2nd car was some shiny new lumbering 4 wheel drive and it crossed my mind that it is nice to be at a stage where I know what I like and care zero what anyone else is doing or thinks of me.

Anyway today’s ride was well overdue for me. Been a long time since I got out on the bike for a number of reasons but mostly since the weather has been so poor. Instead I have been indoors planning a few overseas motorcycle rides for later this year, so while looking forward to them I was relieved to turn the alarm off this morning and be blinded by the sunshine when pulling back a curtain.

After a leisurely start I took some time to enjoy Mt Barney in super clear air with little to no haze. Did not help my photography efforts as I still struggle with the 90mm (equivalent) portrait lens.

Mt Lindsey was relatively free of debris from recent cyclone and a joy to ride as usual. For all the people who still only think to ride the Lions Road then you are missing two of the best bits of road around by skipping Mt Lindsey and Summerland way. By all means try the Lions once every couple of years for a change but seriously it is the most overrated bit of tar that I know of.

Of course at the moment there is a lot of damage to roads from the cyclone and the massive floods that Kyogle and surrounds suffered were easy to see today. Riding back north to Uki I was surprised the road was in not too bad shape considering much of it would have been flooded.

I am still disappointed the Uki cafe closed down, so hung out at the pub for lunch and a rest. The CB always draws a few questions from other riders when I stop there.

I cut across the back of Murwillumbah at Bray Park and was not aware until Chillingham that the road ahead was closed, lucky they had additional signage there as the road was cut 1km south of Natural Bridge so I would have had a long ride back if I had not noticed. I presume a landslide as the road in that spot was cut by slip previously as well.

Currumbin range road was in good shape with very little sign of damage so I made good time and then just slabbed it back on the M1. Some people say they cannot ride the M1 but probably riding bikes with clip ons, high rearsets and hard seat, which limits range and usefulness. I find it very easy way to get home quick but won’t deny it is boring.  

Great day for a ride, very mild actually for February, enjoyed it immensely. 

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  1. The first pic looks like fresh out of a commercial 😉

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