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Finally got out for a ride, and while not setting out with a big ride in mind it turned out that way.

First up here is today’s route and I owe an apology to readers as I have been giving you the wrong route south of Rosebank NSW. When riding the Repentence Creek road it becomes Dunoon road and unknown to me the sealed road becomes Fox road. So my maps showing me riding Dunoon road were wrong as that is dirt. To get to Dunoon you ride via Corndale and cut back across to the Dunoon road which is sealed all but that small section near Rosebank. More on this later.

Well you can never trust the weather and despite all the forecasts of a cold weekend it was 26 degrees this afternoon. Guess who was in his full winter gear and baked. Actually it wasn’t too bad, morning was chilly until about 9.00 and during middle of day I simply let some air in to try regulate the temperature. Pulled both liners out tonight to wash however as did perspire a bit at one point.

Riding south from Currumbin I was flagged by another rider of police ahead but nothing about over the range so made for a slow run over before I dropped down into the Tweed valley. Zig zagged over to Tumbulgum, I like that roads flow in that direction best I think. Then did the rest of the zig zag route south to Mooball via Duranbah, Farrants hill etc. This route need attention to be paid in either direction but might just ride better north to south as well.

Tweed Valley way then Coolamon Scenic way to Mullumbimby and Federal then the above mentioned route over to Clunes and then Eltham pub for lunch. So coming over from Dunoon road I have previously shown taking Dorroughby road then Corndale road then Jack Gibson road, the route I take is actually Fox road then Mackie road then Jack Gibson. Eltham pub was packed, ate in the bar as not a table left (and they have a lot of tables!) Tip if you go, ask for the bar snack food menu, the restaurant menu suits if you want to do something nice with a partner however it’s more than most would want for a typical Sunday ride lunch. I had a burger and chips for $9 and it was tasty, good size and quality. (sorry no lunch photo today but here is the pub)

And now for something completely different (said in the monty python flying circus tone) Leaving Eltham did a loop around Alstonville and then rode towards Tintenbar then via Fernleigh and Possum Creek. (see today’s route map) I actually have ridden these roads before but had forgotten them. You can fuel at Alstonville or Wollongbar and the Rifle Range road from Wollongbar is superb as is the Teven road range. The road via Fernleigh has a few pot holes and mixed surface. The other roads closer to Alstonville are excellent surface.

To round it all off, did Buringbah range and Numimbah on way home.

Just so many good roads to ride in this area.


  1. The creeks there seem to subside quickly after rain but for sure the crossings would have a few inches in them.

  2. While there (Yangan), we noticed a sign saying Queen Mary Falls was 56km away. We contemplated riding home back through the falls, the head, etc. But with the rain we'd had the last week we weren't too sure how the floodways would have been. Maybe next time.


  3. Great photos and description of the ride IC, love the last shot too!

    Sounds like it was a great day out.

    I haven't done the Burringbar Range in a long time – I used to drive on it often when I grew up in Murwillumbah, but can't wait to head back up there with the V-Strom. Looking forward to the trip over the border at Tomewin too…


  4. Yes I like Goonengerry Rd a lot also, I could ride the roads around that area all day just for the scenic green rolling hills with the many plantations.

    Yangan pub – have to keep that in mind my next ride that way.

  5. Ah… that's the small section of dirt I mentioned when coming back from The Channon.

    Turning right onto Goonengerry Rd from M'bimby going through Federal and then Eureka is a nice run.

    My weekend foray was through MaMa Creek to the NE highway, then left before the Cunningham (Upper Spring Creek) and making way to Yangan Pub for lunch. Then refuel at Warwick and back down the CUnningham (slow down for the usual radar).

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