Not sure why I originally combined these two areas, I posted this on my way back from the Moto-GP not really knowing Sydney roads. I still don’t know them well.

On the map you can see a number of roads marked in this area. I don’t have photos now but in future I will revisit.

Suffix to say along with Putty road the roads either side of the ferry and then north to Cessnock are the popular weekend rides from Sydney.

I have removed the original post as it was too old, please open the map full screen to view listing of all roads.


  1. Anonymous

    Your right Ironchef, it is an enjoyable and scenic trip along the river. I have done it many times, but be aware that it is also a favourite place for boaties. Plenty of cars with boat trailers behind and some of them believe that they own the road. Have been caught out with little room to spare a few times. But enjoy all the same.

  2. Anonymous

    My opinion is that this road offers a lot but the surface is terrible. Plus as anon said the boats and other car drivers can slow you down considerably.

  3. i suspect that's river road you're talking about, fantastic bit of tarmac. very slow paced, but very nice and flowy. there are 2 100m stretches of compacted gravel so don't worry about it. i find the drivers always let me through, but i don't mind slowing down either.

    west portland is also a good bit branching off right before the sackville ferry – connects to river road, but you miss the greatest view of the valley.

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