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    Woke early to another grey and wet morning so after checking the rain radar and seeing it was widespread I returned to bed. After lunch however I could sense it was going to clear up so I planned out a small ride on motowhere.

    As I have already mentioned I don’t ride the northern roads much due to high enforcement and high traffic on what is a rather limited set of roads. However I was surprised to realise I had not taken my current bike the Firebolt north since owning it. That’s well over a year

    Jinker Track

    Turned out the earlier wet weather was a blessing as there were fewer cars and motorcycles on the roads than usual so I had a much more enjoyable ride than I expected. After a slow exit from the city I had a good run from the Jinker track on.

    Bunya Road

    After Clear Mountain road I turned left on Winns rd for a change and that was really a pleasant alternative way to get to Dayboro. Mt Mee was still wet in places and the rain was just in front of me. The road from Woodford to Kilcoy via Villeneuve was at first freshly rain on but was dry by the time I got to the upper reaches of Lake Somerset and is much better than the boring Daguilar highway.

    Above & Below. Clear Mountain Road
    Above. Somerset lake near Villeneuve

    The road besides the Somerset lake is a bit bumpy but enjoyable if you can strike it without too many cars. The road then after the dam to Northbrook parkway is one that tempts you to go a bit quicker but can still be enjoyed at a sensible pace and while not very curvy is not long enough to get boring.

    Kilcoy – Esk road.

    First time to take the Firebolt over Mt Glorious – this despite that fact I live about 10 minutes ride from the start of Mt Nebo road. As I have said more than once, its a nice bit of road however I avoid it due to the many guys that ride too dangerously up there.

    Grow old – Ride safe.

    The media (with encouragement from the government) keeps telling us Brisbane is one of the greatest cities on earth. That is debatable by anyone who has left the state or country however it does have a lot of good roads for riding a motorcycle.

    Last outing with my current compact camera. Have ordered a nice lens and filter for the new camera but both are on back order so not really up an running with it yet.

    Camp Mountain lookout, Mt Nebo.


    1. Nice Pic of Clear Mountain RD IC. I tried myself to get a pic as good as that on those corners but couldn't, admittedly is was a cloudy day and I was using my n95 haha. Cheers for some more north riding routes too.

    2. What great looking roads and even greater looking photos! I am lucky too that I am blessed with some wonderful twisty roads to ride on, but those look oh so inviting…..

      Congratulations on the quality of your pictures.

    3. re: stopping and going back for a photo…..I often think the same thing, and there are times when I decide that a particular ride is a "photo shoot" ride, and others are purely for fun. Since my Pentax "point-and-shoot" camera died, i've been using my iPhone for everything, but it does the job.

      (My fiance is a
      professional photographer
      so I try to do my best!!)

      As always, I love your blog and look forward to your posts each week and I've mentioned your blog a few times on mine… ( so hopefully there are others out who are also checking out what you do….

      keep up the awesome work mate!!



    4. Hi Geoff, good choice on the Street Triple, great bike IMO.

    5. Thanks for sharing the photos and thoughts – wonderful stuff!

      I've been riding for over 40 years and have only just discovered the world of blogging:

      Best wishes and safe riding from NZ!

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    7. Thanks Anthony, I see so many possible good angles to shoot while riding, I think I am getting better at recognising the ones I need to stop and turn around for. Suppose I should actually do a photography course one day also…

      We are blessed living here to have all year riding. I grumble about the little bit of rain recently but I am sure many people in countries with high rainfall would consider our passing showers as no hindrance to a ride.

      Hello Poland from Australia. We have a nice Polish cafe on top of one of the mountains to the south of Brisbane.
      I like your beer!

    8. I envy you… There is still cold winter in here and my bike sleeps in the garage. The roads on your pics look so iviting…

      Best regards from Poland.

    9. Awesome post IC….the road photos are so cool. Those corners are just begging to be ridden!!! Looks like the kind of road that would temp me to turn around and go back and do each section of corners over and over again!!!

      Well done!

    10. Hey Julius, I like riding clear mountain, must do it more often, got my new camera now so finally moving on from a compact and hope to improve more.

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