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By Peter Jones

The Bad Editor is a collection of previously published motorcycle magazine columns and a look behind the scenes at what motorcycle journalists used to get up to in the days before the internet when we still bought magazines and what was written in them was fairly influential.

Peter Jones was one of those guys that was flown around the world and wined and dined by manufacturers at new bike launches and none of the behavior of those journalists or the manufacturers that Peter talks about without naming comes as any surprise to me. I was left wanting much more ‘bad behavior’. Something more than just heavy drinking and bribes. More funny stuff would also have been good.

Most of the magazine columns reprinted in this book are about road racing and a few of the stories were slightly interesting to me however most of these chapters were not. I did a couple of track days when young but even then when I was riding a sports bike fast on public roads I never felt any desire to go racing. I liked watching racing in the early Rossi years, not just him – there were many great riders and no electronics. Now days with it no longer on free to air tv I have not seen a race in years and my own riding is focused on mastering the slow ride. I literally pull over to wave impatient cars past me and then continue along on my little cloud these days.

If you are into road racing or a speed junkie or if you ever worked in the now defunct magazine industry then there is a lot more in this book for you to enjoy but personally I only found a few chapters interesting.

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