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Despite my Captain Cheap Charlie Bluetooth headset working fine I splashed out on a genuine Nolan helmet headset.

The reason is comfort. My Aliexpress bluetooth headset when installed to my Nolan N70 helmet was not a good fit. Nolan helmets are all designed to have a Nolan N-com headset installed. There is removable pieces for matching speakers and places for wires and the electronics slot into a space that becomes available at rear of helmet by removal of a insert.

When the liner is reinstalled there is nothing sticking out further inside the helmet than before installation. Since the N70 is such a perfect fit for my head and all day comfortable I wanted to maintain that hence the purchase.

Rather than me further explain the install here is a short video from Nolan that does the job well.

I unplugged the microphone. I ride alone and have no phone calls important enough to be answered when riding so I packed it away. If I need it later it’s easy for me to fit. The install was quick and painless.

While I had the liner out I put it in the washing machine on gentle cycle. Inspection afterwards shows a couple of tiny wear areas but I think I will see quite a few more years from the liner before it needs replacement.

There is a urban myth that helmets have to be replaced at five years of age – this was created by motorcycle shop sales staff and is total bullshit. The polystyrene foam liners are not affected by age (the cloth liner is but can be replaced).

Wish I had a dollar for every Facebook Expert that posts in a motorcycle group that you have to replace helmets when five years old. Of course if it was true manufacturers would have expiry stickers on helmets and this would be policed – but that logic escapes the simple minded. Sorry I digress.

Performance wise the headset immediately paired with my phone. The sound is loud and clear – my first test was not wearing earplugs which I wear all the time riding. My second ride test with earplugs was not as loud volume but also not as much wind noise. Which is what non ear plug users fail to realise. You can still hear things, softer but clearer without the wind.

The controller is slimline and fits flush to a dedicated spot for the N-Com to click into.

I am only going to use this for turn instructions from my phone or sat nav so cannot comment about playing music or podcasts which I have zero interest in doing while riding. Similarly I won’t have any update to this post about rider to pillion or rider to rider performance as I prefer solo riding and even if with a group last thing I would want is to hear others chatting away. I really just enjoy being in my own world on a ride.

I will update if there is any problems although this is a proven product from Nolan so I don’t envision any. Nolan make a X version of their N70 helmet now too if you were looking for a new helmet and want the ADV look then consider the N70 it is a fantastic helmet for forward vision and comfort.


  1. Thanks for the review as I also use a Nolan helmet so have been thinking about buying this headset.

    I enjoyed the digression about helmets. It is exactly the same situation with children’s car seats. Alan Minter, a journalist who specialises in the waste and recycling industries investigated where these claims originated and found that it was spurious misinformation from……surprise surprise……….. car seat companies. He eventually consulted the experts on the subject in Sweden and they stated categorically that in their testing the seats displayed no deterioration over any reasonable time frame. So yes, the helmet use by date is yet more self serving bullshit served up to the credulous. My take on this stuff is that there are a lot of people out there who absolutely love to buy new stuff and so are susceptible to latching onto any nonsense that gives them the excuse to consume. The whole motorcycle world is exhibit A for this phenomenon. You would think it was impossible to tour further than the end of your road without some ultra expensive mega bike loaded down with a mortgages worth of crap bolted onto it……………..Rant over!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Ha-ha, I think you are right Tim.
      I was on a Garmin Zumo facebook group while I had the XT2 (and other GPS forums) and noted a couple of “forum bullies” were very active in ridiculing anyone using older devices.
      Anyone asking about using a older Garmin connected to a power bank was told this would never work for long and a new XT was only way to go.
      I have been using a 2008 Garmin Nuvi (car model supposedly not even waterproof) in a phone case with a power bank all over the world 15 years.
      As much as I like to help others I did not counter the answers as I figured it would just turn into a shit fight and be a waste of time.

  2. Helmet manufacturers are in the business of selling helmets, so of course they are going to say for safety then replace every 5 years.
    My Shoei GT AIr is coming up to 10 years old. I’ve replaced the liner in it 4 years ago, so when the liner goes again then I think I’ll retire it for a new helmet. 10 Years seems like a good life span to me.
    Interesting comms unit. I’m considering getting on as well, but not sure yet if I need one.

    • Hi Steve,

      Ten years sounds about right. The main visor usually for me needs replacing by then and if adding a liner then the cost together is good portion of a new helmet.

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