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Continuing my Camera Talk series, during my periods of chemotherapy when able bodied I find myself tidying up old photo albums online.

It has become clear to me some of my best photos were taken with modest spec sensors whilst more megapixels have not delivered me better results. A standout from the past was my Olympus E-PL2, a 12MP Micro 4/3rds camera.

My thoughts drift to does the value of your photos lie in their technical quality or on them being your own unique creative way of seeing a scene?

The E-PL2 with pancake lens was very compact. Thus always with me. It was able to be turned on and operated one handed and I could still see rear screens without glasses then (kinda). I did not think about the camera or pixel count, just on being creative, the image in my mind.

I have taken technically better photos since then with double the megapixels and larger sensors and better post processing software. Great for pixel peeping but uninspiring images.

There is a tsunami of pressure online about needing full frame and high megapixels but when you look back at memories do you concern yourself with pixel peeing? I recently got some scans of old print photos from 80’s from a mate. It was a great joy to see these for me and being low res mattered not at all.

And then who pixel peeps images on Facebook or Instagram or actually clicks to view your higher res blog photos (if you even offer them like I do)

Personally I don’t buy all the fluff. There are photo technicians and there are photographers.

Seeking ever more technically correct photos for me became a process. I think my photography should be emotive and not about sensors. The value lies in my unique minds eye view and a moment I captured not in the absolute details.

With this in mind I have gone back to the camera market to look for a body that is not too big (but they all are for a rider), has compact lenses, good hold, operate one hand, has a large and proper hi res EVF (rare except high end FF) and I’m looking without thinking of sensor specs – as much as that is possible today.


  1. Maybe a premium compact with good image quality would fit the bill, as even micro 4/3 systems are getting a little too big nowadays.
    Something like a Sony RX100 or Canon G7 should be perfect

    • I am dreaming of a high resolution EVF that will allow me to clearly frame images and see the affects of filters or camera software settings. I can’t see things on rear screens now even with glasses.

      All the cameras I have had in recent years were fitted with 2.35 million dot EVF’s which are just 1024 x 768 resolution. The number referring to the 3 colour dots per pixel – deliberately misleading.

      Ideally I would like a resolution of 5.76 million dots as below that still appears pixelized and unnatural to my eyes and a large viewport size of about 0.82 not small and pinhole like.

      Yes I am asking a lot ha-ha 😀 but it’s 2023 not really too much?

  2. Have you had a look at the Fuji XT-3. Its pretty compact and has compact lenses. Decent camera by all accounts. Rear screen is 3.69m dots though.

    I tend to pixel peep too often, but also sit back and look at the overall image. I’ve posted up slightly out of focus images over tack sharp images due to the framing of the out of focus image was better. It all comes down to taste really. Better composed shot will trump tech every time but if you have the best tech and also great framing then all the more power to you I say. Would love a A1, R3 or Z9, can’t afford any though.

    • Hi Steve,

      The Fujifilm lenses are a bit big. I only need a 28-70mm zoom however their smallest (in the header photo on the XT-5) still sticks out fair way. And yes their EVF’s are not high res and are a small viewport.

      I have a candidate but still looking, wish I was in Japan where you can hands on any camera for hours free in camera shops no eyebrows raised and really get a feel for it.

  3. I generally carry around a 24-70mm F2.8 with my D500 on the bike. Its a little large but can get some exceptional shot with that combo. I’m sure you find something you like. There are so many good options out there now.

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