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I was testing a different brand of visor treatments on this years Autumn cold weather ride.

Previously for anti fog I tried that oddly named cat crap wax but as I reported on the old blog years back even if buffed perfectly like the fanboys say is needed the visor fogged.

I found the Motorex brand spray was good but that is not available here. In Japan I first tried Yamaha’s anti fog then a generic item in similar size can both of those worked ok but for very limited time before they needed to be reapplied.

This time I try RS Tachi’s Fog Out and Blow Off products.

A little more expensive than the generic products but it does say made in Japan not China so I felt it was worth a try.

For the pinlock fan club one actually was supplied with my helmet but it adds another layer of plastic to look through. I always use the inner tinted visor then if cold or went the outer so a pinlock adds a third layer of curved plastic to look through which is one too many for me so I use anti fog instead just as needed.

I have learned that the inside of the visor needs to be free of any visor cleaner for anti fog treatments to work well. I clean the outside of my visor with Plexus, it is quite an amazing product for removing fine scratches and restoring visor transparency. I was in the habit of also cleaning the inside at same time but residual Plexus and anti fog do not mix so now I clean inside the visor with plain water and this greatly improves the effectiveness of anti fog treatments.

The RS Tachi anti fog does a reasonably good job. I think an aerosol can makes a finer spray and better applicator but results are what matters and in this respect it has a limited timeframe where it works perfect but then it doesn’t fade straight to zero effect like the previous ones I have used but slowly drops off and then holds at maybe 50% effective strength for considerable time – which if the morning has warmed up or I have ridden out of the rain will avoid needing reapplication.

On an all wet and cold day then I certainly need to reapply at lunch time but unless it is really miserable I can get through day with just two applications which is no burden as I always clean my visor at lunch with the magic sponge visor cleaner kit I carry with me anyway.

With the rain off treatments I have previously tried a product which was odd application by a foam sponge wiped across which turned opaque then you buffed the visor and this worked very well but I cannot find it again (perhaps not environmentally friendly). After that I have been using the Yamaha branded one which did not work so good. I’d rate this about the same. The visor stays free of rain for a modest period, the effect soon weakens.

It’s not something I use much. If on the highway there is sufficient wind to keep visor clear anyway but if I am setting off in rain from morning or a rest break then no effort to apply and it certainly assists to keep the visor clear. Where it works best is in traffic where I am not moving enough to have visor blown clear by wind. Terrific in that situation. But it lasts just 45 minutes to an hour at best.

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