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The current situation around the world might be depressing but all the more reason to keep planning your big adventure ride and be thinking about a plan to make it happen once things recover.

Like most people this year I have had to cancel my plans. So far that’s included visiting home (Australia), my usual post Golden week two ride in Japan and alas the big one, USA in July, something I had been planning for a year. All I have to show for the money spent is a few airline vouchers which might end up not worth anything but no point crying about spilled milk. At least I held off on the second half of the year otherwise would be even bigger loss. (And in case you wonder yes I have full insurance but nothing covers a pandemic).

I’m keeping my spirits up by continuing to dream and plan new rides as well reflecting on how fortunate I have been with my decision to leave my career prematurely in 2013 to focus on my bucket list while I have the health and confidence. I worried for a few years was this the most foolish gamble and never dreamed that decision would be revealed so soon as the best choice I have ever made in my life.

While in semi lock down here in Japan I’ve been mapping out new rides over on Ride with GPS. So far I have an excellent route to visit the soaring peaks in Northern Pakistan. A draft to revisit Nepal and Lower Mustang. A ride for eastern Turkey that I am really excited about with a side trip to Georgia. And a few more rough drafts including New Zealand, Southern Thailand, Vietnam, East Java to Lombok.

No idea for the moment when I might be able to do any of those or stand next to the white cow in Chiang Mai again. Events now are a reminder we cannot assume the chance to do things will always be there but I have my fingers crossed for 2021 and I will be ready for whenever travel is again possible.

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