How many unwritten rules do we feel compelled to follow and which ones should we perhaps ignore.

In Japan there are a thousand cultural rules. It was described to me by a Japanese person once as you feel like an actor once you step out your front door because there are so many rules and things you must say and do all day in Japanese society, none of which can you opt out of.

The west is certainly less strict in customs but still some big overarching norms. Like always striving to earn more money to buy more things and showoff status to others and spending our entire lives in this cycle. As I have already written I began to question is that the best use of my brief and transient spell of existence and decided to measure my success by my own rules. Not so easy when everyone around you is still plugged into the matrix.

Worrying about what other people think is such a powerful thing. I think riders enjoy a respite from that when on our bikes because motorcycling forces you to focus on the now. Some people say going for a ride is better than therapy for them and I don’t doubt that. It was on some of my rides I came to the conclusion that I needed to go my own way and trust that a new path will be revealed to me. (still waiting on that ha-ha)

I have some friends who would love to do some of my rides but lament their partner would never let them. Ah spoiler alert – you are going to die. What will you do when Grim Reaper arrives for you. “Let me check with my partner Grim, I don’t think I will be allowed”. It strikes me as odd given couples find attraction in each other when they meet from their different experiences and interests but then decide lets make our lives dull.

When writing the story of your life I think if you give the pen to someone else, if you forfeit your dreams to placate another or follow the advice of people who have been nowhere then chances are you will end up disappointed.

I’m not sure what the answer is for anyone else but personally I refuse to be chained down or to lead a life like most people that resembles water flowing down a hill. That has required some firm decisions but I lately I find I don’t regret any of them, only the ones I did not make.

2013 flashback. Trying to impersonate some cool biker. I suppose I need a GS with lots of stickers.


  1. I can tell your not married…hahahha

    But some good points none the less

  2. Warren…
    “Some people are just waiting to die” … unfortunately like my parents. 🙁 I ever thought that was normal. As you know, 12 years ago I almost died. Doctors say that it is a miracle that I live. When I was in a hospital, I was crying that I hadn’t done so many things yet. And… I’d sworn to myself: as soon as (or “if”) I have a discharge, I’ll go straight home, and start to making driving licence (“A”). I got a second chance from the fate… Today I can’t live without motorcycle. 🙂 I left my desk job in 2016. Now I work for bikers in my micro-company, I ride in my other job, I ride in my spare time. I care what my relatives think but no one can win with my passion. I know that now. I keep my fingers crossed for you, Warren.

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