I have had this bit of gear for a couple of seasons already and forgot to write about it.

Initially I bought this after having lots of drama with my Alpinestars Andes touring jacket in the rain. The neck never seals properly and I found mention by people online a waterproof gator will go some way to solving this issue.

When you think about it if rain is getting in around the neck then chances are it still will with this and run down inside to reach you a little lower then if had before. But for sure it created a better seal and reduced water penetration but never stopped it. I found another solution to that issue.

Back to the Halvarssons neck gator and in using this for an alternative reason I by chance found how superb an item it is for cold weather riding. I previously was using just a Buff but this is fantastic in the cold. It totally seals off the neck down inside your jacket and can be worn just around the neck or pulled up over lower face as pictured. Whilst being a water resistant front the inner is lined and is both toasty warm and smooth against skin.P1010569I now make this an essential item to carry with me on tour in Japan. Even Spring or Autumn here can be cold rainy days so this is packed on all but mid summer rides.

I wish I could access more of the gear from this Swedish brand but their jackets are too expensive for me. I find the conditions in Japan much colder than locals do and the winter gear sold here not as serious as I would like. However if you suffer from cold on a ride then take a look for something like this, wonderful bit of gear.

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