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It is cherry blossom season in Japan. This signals the arrival of Spring and much more. April is the beginning of the new year, the end of a cold winter. It is the end of school year, girls can be seen in special kimonos at graduation ceremonies. They will soon leave home to begin careers. Rice is planted and there is a small window of nice weather between winter and the late April rains.

No wonder much of the county heads out to a park to eat and drink under the trees and reflect on their hopes or time that has passed. Even before I enjoyed this in Japan I decided I should value time more and do things differently in my life.

Easier said than done! It feels very peculiar, stupid even, to go against the consensus that a designer kitchen and German car are a successful life. I am not convinced giving up my solid career wasn’t the ultimate stupid thing I have done in a life littered with foolishness.

The cherry blossoms burst to life here then before you know it half of them have already fallen to the ground and soon are swept away by a gust of wind and forgotten.


  1. Cherry blossom season in Japan. I don't think you could see a better spectacle of the blooms anywhere else.

    • I like them at the late stage of blooming when all the petals are showering down. Where many trees are grouped together, it can look like it is snowing. But otherwise not being Japanese I do not find them as striking or meaningful as people here do.

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