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Last ride from Nagoya but certainly not my last ride in this part of Japan which I like very much and will return to in the future. Just a quick post of a few photos I wanted to add to my set of the area on the bog. I chose to revisit the roads nearby which I first road the afternoon I picked up the FJR. I perhaps only had the chance to ride 1/4 of the good roads in this part of Japan so rich is the area in riding options but this still seemed a fitting way to finish up here.


Highway building marches on much like the railway must have long ago.


Hongusan Skyline


I managed to see one monkey while riding but it scurried away very fast.


Beautiful waterways every where you look in this region.


Magic roads in the tree tops.


My last interesting street light photo for the region. I think I am going to regret leaving here very much however events were set in motion that cannot be reversed.


Update – never realised this would spell the end of my day rides, wish I had never moved but kinda stuck now.

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