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Update 2020. Finally retired these gloves after almost ten years. Still look ok but the Gore-tex liner now failing. Great gloves.

At the risk of sounding like a Held Gloves fanboy – the Held RainStar gloves are truly the best gloves I have ever used and exceeded my expectations by a large margin.

I have gone through a number of gloves, more than most people because I have a dermatitis issue and need very comfortable gloves that will not chaff and can breath. These gloves are constructed in such a way to be supremely comfortable, that being the quality of the leather and the stitching and then lastly the liner.

The Held RainStar gloves have a pique push pull liner with something they call Outlast which is a phase change material. The thinking is the material can hold or disperse heat to regulate the temperature in glove. Now this to me sounded like advertising spin so I did not buy the gloves for this idea whatsoever – but they may be onto something. Riding New Zealand in very cold temperatures and the gloves were comfortable then on warmer days they do not get stuffy or make my hands sweat.

The Gore-tex liner also lets them breath well although I have read some of the other copies of Gore-tex like Drystar breath a little better at the expense of not being as good in stopping water. In Australia I probably don’t look at rain protection too much as rain is not something I ride in very often. This is perhaps the only serious rain wear item I own, purchased with a plan to ride overseas more in future where I will no doubt have to get more rain items.

Safety wise they have hard knuckle and multiple layers as you would expect and you can read the marketing on that aspect online.

Not a cheap glove, I purchased from Revzilla in USA, who I can recommend, these are probably gloves for someone with either a need or desire for the very best and willing to pay accordingly.


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  1. I'm at risk of becoming a Held (and Revzilla) junkie as well. Since I moved to San Diego from the UK in September I bought a pair of Held Air Streams, then a pair of Held Steve 2s. Both amazing gloves, but I need waterproof winter gloves as well so have been plucking up courage to buy some RainStars to comp the perfect set. Your review won't help my self control 🙂

    I can't get over the fit and finish and the great little design touches on the Helds.

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