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A down side to my new exhaust system was they were unable to find a way to keep the centre stand. I probably would never have looked at one of these roller stands if I had not enjoyed the centre stand on the CB so much when cleaning the rear wheel and lubing the chain. I do still own a race stand which has been on loan to my mate for the last couple of years. Not so easy to operate those things by oneself. Even with the much lighter Buell I rarely used it due to bike nearly toppling over.


This is a cinch to use, simply roll bike onto roller stand which is very easy to do even with a less than light motorcycle such as mine. The wheel can be freely rotated with one hand while you wash or lube and works for either front or rear. It is stable on my side stand with nothing extra underneath however a small piece of wood under the stand will make the bike sit more upright. Brilliant bit of kit obtained from eBay.


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