I visited the Kawasaki world in Kobe Japan. It is not a large display however reading about the other things Kawasaki build was of great interest. For example I knew they made some of the trains operating in Tokyo however not also many other cities trains in Japan and Asia as well as the first and most of later and current Bullet trains in operation. That impressed me considerably.


In addition to this they make a lot of large cargo ships, Helicopters, Planes – even space launch vehicles and high rise buildings and bridges including the one to Shikoku I rode a train over yesterday. Of course the bikes are what most people associate with the name.



Two legendary machines. The Z frame is stamped number 00001. The H1 is was my favourite Kawasaki displayed. Besides the obvious timeless looks what other company can say they released a road bike with 20% more power than current grand prix racing bikes at the time. 

It is a small centre for such a huge company, if passing by then sure take a look but I cannot say it is worth a special trip.


  1. What GPS/Maps did you use? I am so keen to tour around Japan. Going to go for a CB400 Super Bol D'Or and maybe bring her back home with me! 🙂

  2. I used the map from http://uud.info/en/map/ but an older version 2.0 which had issues at times, especially at large intersections where it seems to have no lane placement feature. Get version 3.0 if you go. It only works on Garmin GPS units and ones with SDcard slot and it is as of writing the only Japanese map in english. I used 'Tyre' to map routes for my ride. This program and the setting of routes in advance is not without its own issues, make sure you set lots of waypoints so the gps cannot get confused and confirm your route in the unit.

  3. The above info is of course now completely out of date, please refer to my recent riding in Japan articles.

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