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By Peter Egan

I’ve read some of Peter Egan’s writing before and decided this collection would provide a way to pass some time on another long haul journey to ride a far away place.

Peter is a very talented writer. I wish I had a fraction of his skills. The chapters of this book are all self contained but often spill over or link to other chapters. The book starts in the 60’s and has stories of Peter’s love of motorcycles over the next 50 years.

I will be frank and say that not many of the stories really connected with me. A couple yes but most, while well written and easy reading were nothing more than a way to pass some time while sitting in planes or stranded in a airport terminal waiting to fly to my final destination after an plane ran off the runway.

My love of motorcycling differs from Peters in a couple of ways. I have never had any interest in collecting or restoring old motorcycles and unlike Peter who says he does not understand people who ride just to take in the sights and smells – I do exactly that. For a long time I have felt no pressure from within or from others to ride fast or project a macho look or be on any certain type of motorcycle.

However I know I am in the minority and most riders would like to have a multi bike collection and do feel self conscious about what their bike says about them to other riders and many of the chapters in this book probably offer more to them.

And so it came to be I read the whole book over the space of the 3 days it took me to travel from my north Queensland base to the island of Sardinia. I can say I enjoyed all the pages modestly but I find myself now searching Amazon for motorcycle travel stories for my next read.

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