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Riding Towards Me by Jay Kannaiyan is a book I have been reading on and off for 6 months and finally finished on my flights down to Tasmania for my next motorcycle tour.

It took awhile to get through not because it is uninteresting but because it is a lengthy book. Jay decides to leave a successful career in USA and return to his home country India and do so overland on his motorcycle through South America, Africa and a tour of his home country. He does this over a period of 3 years on a Suzuki DR.

I’ve read a number of motorcycle adventure books and round the world ride blogs and often the authors set out to tick certain boxes and present tales of challenges. Jay certainly faces many challenges on his journey however his book is more a conversation with the reader about the personal journey he is on during this period and while he roughs it far more than I would it doesn’t read like so many of the adventure rider books. It’s down to earth and heart warming honest travel on a budget not macho talk from self billed professional adventure riders.

The people interactions Jay has are always the best parts of his travels, something I also value however being somewhat of an introvert do not experience as much as I could.

The book is perhaps not always written as concise or as well as some more polished items and I take a star off for that but it is still a decent read and sells at a low price as a ebook on Kindle so worth having on the phone for reading when stuck somewhere when you would rather be riding.

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