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I saw these at my local motorcycle accessory shop and decided to see if they are better than my usual cheaper touring item of a wet microfiber cloth in a zip lock bag.

In Australia I just stop at a petrol station and use the free paper and water provided to clean my visor as needed during the day. However on tour overseas that is rarely available or simply a unlocked water tap so I always carry a wet cloth.

Riding my FJR1300 with the screen wound up it stopped bugs from hitting me in Japan but on ADV bikes like my G310GS and the Moto Guzzi V85TT I’m riding now on my USA tour I collect 100 dead bugs every few hours. The scenery is grand here so I stop to restore a clear view a couple of times during each day.

The Devil wipes do a good job at softening and removing splattered bugs. Then flipping the cloth over I can get a streak free finish, perhaps some very minor streaking remains. I’d rate the final result equal or marginally better than my wet microfiber cloth but not as good as old fashioned wash under a running tap by hand.

Perhaps a good point is you simply dispose of the cloth that is then impregnated with bugs. With my microfiber cloth I have to wash it clean each night. But then the microfiber cloth is the more green solution, I have been using the same one for years.

A negative is there is only 8 in a pack, not near enough for any motorcycle tour I do. But that means the pack is small and could fit into the pocket of someone just out on a day ride with no storage. But then a local rider will know local solutions for visor cleaning…

Conclusion. I’m not really sure these are needed by anyone. But they do what they claim.

For myself I will return to my wet cloth in a zip lock bag on tour.

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