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Motorcycle #7

This was my ‘2006 ish’ MV Agusta Brutale 750.

After a couple of years on my Buell XB Lighting I grew tired of the mid range flat spot that affected the 900cc version. This was the only issue on an otherwise excellent bike and should have been easy to solve but a way to access the bikes computer never arrived. I tested a lot of bikes. I really liked the MT-01 best but Yamaha Australia priced them at a crazy $22,000 when every other naked was about $15K. KTM was fun to ride but build quality was poor. The Triumph dealership on the Gold Coast said I can sell you a Brutale for the same price as a Speed Triple and handed me the key to a demo. The deal was for a brand new old stock model.

I got it plated 2006 but really it was about 2004. I doubt I will own a more beautiful bike. It handled superbly and the engine had a playful personality like some energetic puppy. I rode this bike more often than any I have owned before or since. I just wanted to be out on it every chance. However the ownership experience was not all rosy.

That enthusiastic engine was very thirsty and had a high pitch vibration causing things to come loose and fall off. The mirrors were always blurred and I started using those grip puppy foam covers as the bars vibrated too much. That stylish seat was where the name Brutale came from, hard as wood, I needed to use a air hawk pad. The fuel lines detached themselves a couple of times spraying me in petrol, the switch gear broke, the headlight glass fell out and despite being kept in a garage and waxed the red paint was already fading and the wheels clear coat peeling within two years.

This will sound clichéd ‘Italian bike BS’ but it really had a crazy personality and was special to ride. However my confidence meter on owning another Italian motorbike stays in the amber zone.


  1. Sure looks like a great bike. What is it with Italian bikes, over priced high maintenance….

    • The Brutale cost a lot but it still looks amazing at 14 years old and probably will at 24 years old. Maybe it was not expensive…

      I think if buying a European bike you must have access to a shop that understands the make and what needs to be checked. With the Brutale the bike was treated like Japanese model by local shop, change oil and filter and she'll be right. This let things slip by that caused problems.

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