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I can’t stop thinking about India and the Himalaya’s.


Having discovered a way to present the landscapes in panning panoramas I decided to show a few more images not previously posted. (click appropriate button for UHD versions, mouse wheel to zoom) p.s. if you have slow internet then give it a moment.

Zing Zing Bar. Between Keylong and the Sarchu camp site. This is a photo that never existed. I found three separate images not worth much in different sizes but compiled them into this panorama.

Good tar at this location in September but here is a video of how things are early in the ride season and why I am glad I chose to miss seeing snow capped mountains and icy water crossings. (its real time so skip forward a bit)

There were countless dry gullies along the way on this tour that were bumpy and somewhat slippery with silt and stones but I kept thinking what would they be like early in the season and this video shows. So glad I went in September.

Road to Sarchu

Approaching Sarchu

Leaving Sarchu

Base of Naklee pass

Riders converge on beginning of Naklee pass 4730m

Summit of Taglang Pass 5328m.

Descending Taglang Pass.

Surrounded again by mountains leaving Leh.

Resting on the way up the dizzy Chang pass 5360m

Arriving Pangong Lake late afternoon.

Leaving Pangong Lake next morning.
All of this still falls way short of how it was in real life but an improvement on my previously posted images I think.

Full India Himalaya ride report is here.


  1. Excellent Warren, are these phone photos or are they from a proper camera?

    • All from a iPhone 6 Steve, when used in it's panorama mode it takes a very high resolution photo. I have edited those in Luminar 2018.
      I think a good camera could produce better images but oddly none seem to be able to do these sweep panorama photos. My Lumix claims to be able to but it ruined every single panorama I took with it.

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