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I really enjoyed reading this book. It is a collection of short stories, a sample pack from the authors easy to read while travelling. Perfect to have on your phone in the plane or airport queues.

The stories are quite varied, one made me chuckle out loud while one almost had me in tears. I will certainly look to obtain more work of at least one of the contributing authors.

I don’t usually offer links to buy things but after being asked a number of times where to purchase here is a link from Amazon.

It would be fair to say I myself have traveled considerably. Less so by motorcycle until later in my life and while nothing is stopping me I feel it is too late now to start doing round the world adventure ride of the sort I enjoy to read about. Whilst I have the time and maybe a little money to do something I lack the desire for that big a challenge.

If I enjoyed camping it would be another matter. Over night in a camper van I actually like but a bike with a small tent lacks any comfort, space or facilities and is miserable in the wet. I bought a camper van in England and drove it around Europe for a few months about 25 years ago with nothing more than an out of date road atlas. Not a care in the world. Now however I find myself over planning every step of travel. Helped by technology and encouraged by the travel industry to pre book but ultimately aging brings self doubt and it is best to travel as much as possible sooner rather than later.

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