I updated my previous cool to cold weather Alpinestars ST-5 Drystar pants to the new Andes Tourer drystar pants. So far however I have not found them very good.

The pants are a waterproof goretex style item in adventure styling. Alpinestars use a material they call Drystar but the material is claimed to be basically same as goretex. My old Drystar pants had waterproof pockets which were handy as if you encounter a shower you need not stop and move things to inside your jacket. The Andes has two side/leg low mounted pockets which are in a comfortable position when riding but are not waterproof.

There is two exhaust vents each side adjacent to the pockets. The effectiveness of these is rather limited. If they had been flipped about face and put on the front side of the legs a little lower then they might have been really good to assist getting some air to the part of the legs which I find gets warmest, behind the knee lower leg section. The matching jacket has two similar vents and they work quite well in this way at the shoulders.

There is a zip out quilted liner and it works ok but is not as warm as the one in the ST-5 pants.


In my previous Alpinestar Drystar pants I needed what was labelled as a size 2XL (despite my regular pant size being much smaller) so I ordered same in these but they were miles too big for me and impossible to wear them so I exchanged for XL and these seemed to be a perfect fit. Length and waist and inner leg all are correct. Standing straight the bottom of the pants almost touch the floor so good leg length, however in use on a motorcycle with legs bent the pants ride up my legs about 30 cm. If not constantly pulled down by hand while riding they will ride up and sit about even with the top of my boots allowing cold air and rain into my boots and generally feeling uncomfortable.

Not sure why the want to ride up. On a recent ride when striking cold weather my legs were often cold due to the air entering from where the pants ride up high. Then on the last day I was caught in steady rain all day and on the highway the pants sitting up so high inevitably the pants allowed rain into my boots. I was lucky to be on my way home ending a tour to be able to dry everything out. I suppose I should have also donned my rain suit in those conditions but the leg length remains an issue even on fine days with cold air on my lower legs. Just to repeat the length off the bike standing is the pants almost touch the ground so I have not bought a small size.

There is a couple of other things to mention about them. See the black crouch section in the photo, this area retains water in the rain which means you get very cold around those parts of your body with cold water close by although fortunately they not yet leaked and once the day warmed up and the rain eased this was not a problem.


Above, the crouch area that stays wet and gets cold made me wish I had a seat heater on my last tour.

Update, I ordered some elastic pant clips to try hold the pants down when riding. I had a pair of these long ago for my BMW City Pants V1. Those would also want to ride way up high on my legs.


Update –  I tried these clips on my recent 6 day tour. The pants desire to ride up my legs is stronger than the clips which could not hold them down and soon after getting on the bike they let go and spring off the pants. It might be possible to fit some sort of eyelet to the pants and then use a different strap to hold them down but starting to get desperate and I have simply returned to my old model pants and packed these away for now.

Update 2 – This is my new solution to the pants wanting to ride up above the top of my boots.


I have sewn on elastic boot straps that I hope will force the pants to remain down. My next tour is in a month so I shall report back after then the effectiveness of this hack.

Final update – sorry for the delay I forgot to come back to the post and update it. The elastic straps work fine. The elastic is sturdy but allows a fair bit of expansion so holds the legs about where my original Drystar pants sit by themselves. After wearing them like this on a tour they molded to my leg shape or something and now no longer want to ride up.

However now I have another issue after the first couple of uses they lost their water proof coating or ability to keep me dry. I have tried to treat them as suggested but they do not repel water any more. I recently found a video on the Canadian FortNine channel that shows Alpinestars Drystar liner is basically useless and not waterproof like goretex at all – so I have stopped using them and am very disapointed in Alpinestars brand.


  1. Thanks for the review. It's good to get unsolicited reviews from real riders about gear under everyday riding conditions. I have a pair of Alpinestar insulated gloves that I love.

  2. Great review! enjoyed reading it. I am about to buy my pair of drystars… will keep the points you mentioned before I buy them. Thanks!

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