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Nice to see some sunshine. Lovely autumn day. I believe this might be only the 2nd ride (in Australia) I have done this year. That is mostly due to the weather. I have however covered considerable distance in other countries. Some I have already posted and one tour I am still to write about.

The delay is partly because I need to work on the photos I took from my iPhone which all came out very poorly due to having it in HDR mode. You may have noticed some ghosting and out of focus shots in New Zealand and that is the reason. I really should get a small compact to take with me but I love to travel light so maybe a new phone is an option. Todays photos however are from my Olympus Pen and are straight from the camera, no software whatsoever!


All the riding overseas this year has certainly spoilt me and also altered my opinion of a many number of things. I just did a half day today, I found the ride lacking something so came home early. I however did enjoy to ride my own bike again.


  1. I have gone back to using my AirHawk seat pad and that seems to work well for me. I think the seat will improve a little once it is worn in and softens a bit. regards.

  2. You had mentioned that your Honda 'vintage' seat might not be as comfortable as you might like. In case you want to upgrade to a KandA seat, I'm in the market to buy a Honda seat. Let me know if you are interested in selling. Hans(dot)u(dot)gutmann (at)intel(dot)com

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