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I hope to complete half of my initial bucket list of rides in the coming months.

Every trip I gather experience to try something more ambitious. I’m riding places now solo I never imagined. This has reaffirmed I might not be a total dumbass and there is some merit to ‘look at your end game’.

By that I mean most people have a bucket list but no plan just ‘one day’. I decided to look at it backwards. Yes, from the point of when the averages say I will end my time and then ask when is ‘one day’ for me?

Observations of friends approaching or in their retirement reveals a pattern. Join some organised tours or do the big caravan trip then things slow.  The big adventure once dreamt of is not undertaken. It’s too much bother, confidence and health not what it was. ‘One day’ for them has become past tense.

I may have it all wrong but it seems like everyone is betting they can buy a younger self in later years. Even as a boxed trifecta it seems long odds to me.

Well time to board plane number one of three on my way to South Africa before I make more excuses.


  1. Go for it mate! You have the right idea.

  2. Looking forward to some more entertaining stories from the road. As JRR Tolkien once said "The roads winds ever on…"

  3. You are spot in in my opinion.
    I am trying to balance my thirst for adventure vs my need to still earn an income by working part time (33% work/66% time off). So far this has worked well and I have had many great trips and am very happy I have done this particularly as Covid has now made this so much more difficult. It just shows that you need to do these things while you have the opportunity.
    I also know so many people at work who are running themselves into the ground working every hour to get the money. However the sad reality is many of them will not have the great retirement they fantasise about due to age and ill health.

    • Hi Tim,

      That sounds like a good balance you have.

      Most of my friends don’t understand how I could just walk away from everything, perhaps they are focused on owning things or on achieving career goals, I was also. I think many believe there is a whole 2nd life waiting for them. We delude ourselves we won’t be like all the elderly people around us then one day we suddenly are.

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