There is a number of great riding roads in the Yarra ranges near Melbourne. I will try detail a few I have ridden but there is no doubt many variations I will  miss.

I rode Healsville to Marysville on B360 and C512 routes then C513 and C511 via Reefton to Warburton.  I then roade the C425 south which was also excellent.

I would have stayed and explored the many other roads more but it was freezing cold and damp, something I unfortunately encountered the previous time I visited the region too but no doubt it has some fine riding.

G0063069 IMG_3211 IMG_3212 IMG_3217

On my old blog I use to post about nice roads I was riding. This was before Google maps or the top 100 road atlas when little info was published about where to ride. I have archived these pages here just for nostalgia, most of the old content has been deleted but you might find a few 90’s era motorcycle images. There is a map now showing all the road locations, expand that for further info. If I have opportunity to tour Australia again then I may revisit all these places and improve this section, if not then there are plenty other people publishing about where to ride now…

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