After some consideration I decided to retire the old list which was looking very dated and because I no longer live in the area to write about the condition of the roads or which cafes have best food and other info like I used to.

The Google map below shows all the best roads for the area. It can be expanded to show a full list of names which you can click on then have that particular road highlighted. This sort of thing never existed when I first started scanning paper maps and giving directions to the best places to ride on my initial ‘home page’ I built in late 90’s.

However there is also an archive of my older posts in the section called The Vault with photos of most of the roads on this map and I may update those in future if I am in the area otherwise there is already plenty other people posting about rides and even a book published now. 


  1. Im glad I found this as I was hoping to ride around up north in the nead future. Cheers

  2. Chris and Chrissy Harris

    Hi we have just moved down to the gold coast from Mackay . We are looking for any groups that do regular rides at least every 2 weeks. Or give a few suggestions off good places to go for a ride thanks

  3. Hi Chris and Chrissy, you are going to love riding all the roads of the gold coast hinterland and over the border, it is the best riding in the country.

    There is an excellent riding club called Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Gold Coast, look on Facebook.

  4. Gonna B in coolongta early june would love to send a day on the road . Renting a harley
    From Hawaii avid rider any good roads and sights I xould do in a day you can point my way thanks Rob

    • Hi Rob,

      There are heaps of good roads in the area.

      If you look in the section of the blog called The Vault there you will find posts titled Good Local Roads, these are all nice roads in the area around the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

      Also use my map of best roads, open it full screen to see the name of the roads in side panel. A few I recommend would be Beechmont mountain road up to Binna Burra, Nerang-Murwillumbah road, Kyogle road (from Murwillumbah) that set can be linked and would show you some nice sights and riding then Tomewin road can be used to finish (or start) the ride depending on where you rent from.

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