Repairs to the blog continue, always something to learn with WordPress. I have become aware that many people must be getting page does not exist 404 error or 301 cannot find server error. The 404’s will reduce soon but the 301’s are harder to fix. I am using Amazon Web Services which is the cheapest but not the most user friendly.

Related to this I have decided to salvage some of my old Sunday Ride posts. Perhaps I was feeling homesick but while poking about on the old blog I discovered Google had already reduced the size of the photos in those posts and decided I probably should save some of those memories.

I will make a vintage rides subsection since that content now is too old and back date them to the original post date but they will still be new posts to the blog and not sure what will happen – if you subscribe to updates and wonder what the hell is going on then this is the explanation.

I am still glad I made the move to WordPress, in fact I only wish I had done it long ago along with obtaining the .com address for my blog at the beginning when it was $1. Some cyber squatter wants thousands for it now, zero chance. Actually I would have chosen a more clever site name if I knew then. I could always change that now but probably much easier to stay as is.

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