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I decided to ride this region before frosts arrive and make the ride west too chilly in winter.

For a change I bypassed the usual path to Beaudesert riding via the Centenary highway to Springfield Lakes then to Greenbank then followed the interstate rail line on back roads to Tamrookum where I refuelled. The map is here but note there is two small unsealed sections, I have marked them in purple.

I had a good fairly low traffic ride all the way to the border. A few large groups of bicycles on the Mt Lindsey highway. Having witnessed the amazing speed the pros ride in Europe I often wonder what the riders here are thinking. On open highways, just barely crawling along in their spandex, weaving all over the road as they stand up at the slightest incline, I guess it is just the dream no matter how far removed. I was road riding (bicycles) considerable distance for many years when younger – as a means of transport and also for enjoyment but minus the spandex and carbon fibre bike. Too many close calls with cars so I gave it away.

From Tamrookum I rode straight over Mt LIndsey to Urbenville. If someone knows of a cafe or shop with good coffee open in Woodenbong then let me know as I have bypassed the town for years as nothing much there but it would be the ideal place to stop for a coffee after the ride from Beaudesert or thereabouts.

I took it easy over the section of road that connects Urbenville and Legume. It has deteriorated from last time but is still better than trying to ride the Mt Lindsey from Woodenbong to Legume which is possibly the worst rode I have ever been on. Riders of sports bikes should think twice about proceeding past Urbenville.

Despite the bumpy road only being a short distance I usually take a rest half way at the Tooloom lookout as temptation is always to go a bit faster and then you cop a bump or dip. Anyway why not, it is a great view west to the start of the New England Tablelands. There is a seating area and information in the forest above the road lookout too you may overlook.

I stopped for lunch at the Queen Mary Falls Caravan Park Cafe or just the Falls Cafe for short. Food and coffee here is usually aok, and inside you will find a few motorcycle magazines to read while waiting. Be warned this place (like many) gets very busy on weekends so try make it before the midday car day trippers or be prepared for a wait. I arrived 11.15 so was leaving just as it started ramping up.

I rode down from the dairy fields and over Mt Alford to refuel at Aratula, basically I was riding the reverse of my usual western route to then go home via Kalbar and the Western freeway. A great day of riding .

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