Always a favourite ride this is perhaps the best road on the NSW side of the border ranges having been upgraded and resurfaced a number of times. Smooth sweeping curves from the Tweed river to Cawongla where the old road returns and I prefer to turn onto Rock valley but nothing wrong with riding ahead either. The Uki Pub was my regular lunch spot for many years before it was burnt down, I have not been back since the new pub was opened but shall try next time in Brisbane.

I have removed the original post as it was too old, please see the map for location of this road. 


  1. Take your Allen keys with you if you go through the tight bends towards Kyogle. You'll need them to re-do your fairing bolts. The best corners are in terrible condition.

  2. A few of corners south of Cawongla are bumpy. Two or three on the hill have needed fixing for years but you just slow down over them.

    The lower section near the creek goes under in heavy rains and the road will slowly get buckled by trucks and after a few years they come along and resurface and the whole cycle begins anew.

    These few corners are but a small fraction of an otherwise very popular ride however both cruisers with shallow rear suspension travel and sports bikes with track orientated suspension and ergonomics may wish to give it a miss – but that applies to half the roads or more on this blog I guess…

    Good food in route at the Uki Pub, Uki Cafe and Sphinx Cafe, I always enjoy this road.

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