Before I left Brisbane I had stopped riding this road and the north side in general.  It is a nice ride but I found it best left for a weekday. On the weekend it always attracted heavy handed police and the occasion angry driver who hated riders. But I shall revisit it shortly to see how things are.

I have removed the original post as it was too old, please see the map for location of this road. 


  1. Great ride as mentioned using Clear Mountain Rd. Out of Dayborough the road has very enjoyable with some lovely twists and turns which does get a little bumpy at times. Going down Mt Mee is great but coming back is amazing. Astonished with the speed limit on the road before Dayborough on the return, this is just a Police moneymaker.

  2. The hotmix climb on the north is right up there with the best for me.

    You have hit the nail on the head – the north does attract alot of police action hence I ride the peaceful south more.

  3. Anonymous

    – they are currently extending the hotmix down the tight section on the northern face – just past 'long bend'

    look out for loose gravel !!


  4. The speed limit on the Dayboro side is admittedly a downfall for this road, but the lush hotmix on the northern end of the mountain makes up for this as it is actually a 100km/h speed limit. The extended hotmix roadworks has now been completed and the road is absolutely awesome! Definitely one of my favs on the northside.


  5. Hi Phil,

    The extension is great, I must try and ride here more often and update the posts here as I have some more routes and side roads on the northside now.

  6. hi, im terrified of heights and would never go back up mt tamborine so am wondering if you guys can give me more insight into how steep, winding and high mt mee and mt pleasant are in comparison? i have a wedding to go to in sept. service is henzels chappel mt mee and reception is mt pleasant hall and we are staying at dayboro. thanks 🙂

    • Hi Paula, Mt Mee is not very high, more like a big hill but if you found Tamborine frightening then you perhaps will feel anxiety on the the road up.

  7. There are many bike riders who appreciate Mt Mee for a bike ride, observing the speed limit or maybe going 5 to 10 km over BUT thee are a few or as they told my husband,("thousands of us and you won't stop us") doing 20 to 30km and sometimes more along this road. Imagine your Sunday morning first bike off the rank at 5:30 this morning and building up every hour. Up and down, up and down repeatedly. The continuous noise is mind boggling at times. Police don't seem to be able to do anything as the criminal.gang (I believe speeding in excess of 30km an hour to be in the realms of criminal activity) has lookouts warning if they see a police car and drones I have been told. This is why there is such a police presents on Mt Mee. Then you have the police union and the public saying it is revenue grabbing and the poor police just trying to do their job for the public are tarnished once again with the help of their own union. This group is so organised and strong that the problem has gone all the way to the Pilice Commissioner and he can't even fix this problem. Come up and experience for yourselves what Mt Mee residents have had to put up with for years and then make an informed judgement and I hope the many bike riders who visit Mt Mee for the pure joy and not as a race track keep.coming to enjoy the ride.

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